Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Wow!! I have been away from you dear internet for far too long...let me catch you up!
Saturday started out like any normal Saturday...washing gatorade bottles and filling them up with the liquid of the gods (at least for 13/14 year old boys), showering and readying myself for FOOTBALL. But there was that nagging pain in my lower right abdomen, probably gas or something I ate last night (what did I eat??). So, off to the game...we won 39-0, then back home and oh that nagging pain is still there and now so is his friend nausea!! (She's a real bitch!!)

Off to bed I go, when 2:30 am rolls around and nausea decides to wake me up; I'll leave out all the gory details, but I DIDN'T go right back to sleep. Next day rolls around and well I'm still feeling icky, so I call mom and off we go to the ER. After being poked, proded, vomitting and the such they yank out the IV and say "good news, the ct scan is negative you can go home now". WHAT??!!! GOOD NEWS??

Yep, they sent me home with undertermined lower right abdominal can they get away with that? I followed up with the Family Doctor on Monday who now thinks it could be inguinal hernia...that sounds like a ton of fun!!

I have been home from work all week...much to the dismay of my dear hubby. Definately think I am cramping his style, but WTF...I don't really care. Of course he just looks at me like I'm being ridiculous, I mean my arm isn't hanging off or I'm not gushing blood from any open wounds, so Hey, "get back to work you!!". Now when he gets hurt or doesn't feel good...THE WHOLE ENTIRE EFFING WORLD MUST (and I mean MUST) come to a complete HALT!! Why is that??

Why is it that when a man is sick we are supposed to wait on them hand and foot? Yet, we are still expected to carry on like normal? I have an ultrasound tomorrow to find out if I busted a gut (literally) and do you think for one second I could get a little help from my hubby? No, it's my job to make arrangements for the wee one to get on the bus if I want him to drive that I say

TO HELL WITH YOU THEN, I'll get there my damn self....Hoorah for all the strong women out there!!

To my BFF ManiacalMom2...If I didn't have a hernia before today, I am sure I have one now...ur post was HYSTERICAL!!! Thanks for being there for me this week, it means alot!! Luv ya!


Maniacal Mom said...

HOPE IN DOPE.....where are you? Now I am thinking you are in one of the many area hospitals getty ready to go under the knife! Uh, alone because strange hubby would not sign the consent form. Are you OKAY? U better fucking call me. Love P.