Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

So, I just got home from school and the house is TOTALLY empty. No kids, no hubby, no lodger...NO-ONE. And I couldn't be happier!! Since when did my life become so pathetic that I actually get excited over an EMPTY house??? I'm sitting here in a euphoric state over listening to the damn computer buzz...pathetic I know, but nevertheless I am thrilled!!

Of course when I turned on the TV...excitement meter went down. Howdy Doody...I mean George Bush is on the blasted TV talking about the blasted economy that he fucked up!! I couldn't hit the mute button fast enough....BUT like my momma should never discuss politics or religion so moving on....

Speaking of guilt, L asked me "what did you do with me when I was a baby?" to which I stared at her blankly thinking to myself "what the hell are you talking about???" She is seven, but I should be able to remember all the fun things I did with her, right....RIGHT??? Maybe I didn't do anything fun with her and now she has PTSD or something. No, I think we did fun stuff, like...color, go to the park, blow bubbles, write on the sidewalk with chalk...well at least that's what I told myself and her. What the hell...she doesn't remember anyways so I could tell her lots of fun stuff (but I wouldn't do that!!)

Okay internet, I'm going to see if Bushy Boy is done spewing his shit to the masses and maybe get to watch Lipstick Jungle. (Yeah Me!!)