Thursday, September 11, 2008

What The Hell....

So, I have been reading blogs by a few people and thought to myself...I should do that. Well, here I am!! A little about me...I am a mom to two kids, a boy 13 and a girl (diva) 7. I am in a long-term relationship (like 17 years kinda long) with a (insert word here) man that I often refer to as my hubby, cuz well at this point he kinda is, right? I work as a, well that depends on the day and project, but let's just say I work for a Shell Wholesaler (no, not as in seashells either!). I am back in school working on a paralegal degree. Somedays I am extremely overwhelmed with LIFE in general, so I think this will be a good outlet for me .

I have a wonderful BFF, named PD. (Of course that's not her real name, just her initials in case she wants to remain anonymous) She is like a sister to me (BTW I'm an only child). She loves me for all my faults, and craziness (lots of that!!)

I live close to my parents and my in-laws (with whom I have wonderful realtionships). I have been blessed in many ways, although I am not always quick to acknowledge it.

Well, enough about me....if I continue (that's my goal) to write this blog you will find out more. As for now, I should probably get back to the 50 projects that are sitting on my damn desk!