Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OMG...Has it really been that long...

Since I posted? Well, so much has happend and I have been quite busy, let's see where should I start...

1. Halloween - L was so cute in her "Glamour Witch" costume that she hated...until I told her to put it on or stay home. Once the make-up was complete I think she was a little more satisfied. Halloween was quiet this year...must be the economy.

*** Finally let W go out on his own with his friends...wasn't really comfortable with that but with much texting and calling, I finally realized that he's a responsible kid and hey he pretty much does what he's supposed to.

2. Trip to San Antonio - went down a couple days early to spend time with a dear friend that I have known since we were 12. She has had a lot of medical problems stemming from an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs...really put my life in perspective to see her. She's in wheel chair most of the time, on dialysis and really trying to maintain her independence. She has two great kids and even has custody of her cousin's daughter. They are such wonderful, loving kids. I was able to make it to A's football game and really had a great visit.

***Of course then there was the work part of San Antonio, which really wasn't all that bad. I actually had a good time at the conference and trade show. Did realize what a white, male dominant business the oil industry is...but really I knew that so don't know why I was a little shocked. (Maybe the whole Texas, cowboy hat thing??)

3. Election Night...OMG!! What a feeling! I could NOT believe it when I saw the TV screen flash "President Elect - Barack Obama" on the screen. I cried! I was speechless...and for him to win by a landslide...AMAZING! My phone was crazy with text messages for a while both friends and family. I told my son...nothing is impossible!! I'm sure inauguration week in DC is going to be a nightmare, but a welcome nightmare nontheless!!

4. Playoffs - so while I was in San Antonio the kids had their playoff game...on a Wednesday...at 8 p.m...and they lost 14-6 :-( I was sad and my son was plenty upset. But I'm very proud of the leadership qualities he showed this season and the great athlete that he is becoming.

5. Team party planning - Ok this is a subject for another post....what a fucking disaster this is becoming...THANK goodness the party is this Saturday so I can be done with this shite!!

6. And...to top it all off...I have bronchitis for the second time this year!! I just finished the "z-pack" and am still coughing like a fool. Guess, I will be going back to the Dr. for some stronger antibiotics, damn, damn, damn!! I hate having chronic bronchitis.

7. OMFG...how could I FORGET...our lodger, cellar dweller, couch lizard, low-paying "friend" has FINALLY moved out!!! He left Saturday to go back home to mom...I felt bad for a little while, but it's really the best thing for everyone!!

8. Lastly...(I swear this is it)...W's poor leopard gecko, Lenny, died. Not sure what happend, he was sluggish for a day or two then this morning I woke up and he was just gone. I admit I cried, he really was a cool little guy! W is crushed, I could hear it in his voice when he called me after school. We will miss him....

I will have to post pictures from my San Antonio trip later. I really must try to keep up with my blog since it's rather therapeutic.