Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

So, I just got home from school and the house is TOTALLY empty. No kids, no hubby, no lodger...NO-ONE. And I couldn't be happier!! Since when did my life become so pathetic that I actually get excited over an EMPTY house??? I'm sitting here in a euphoric state over listening to the damn computer buzz...pathetic I know, but nevertheless I am thrilled!!

Of course when I turned on the TV...excitement meter went down. Howdy Doody...I mean George Bush is on the blasted TV talking about the blasted economy that he fucked up!! I couldn't hit the mute button fast enough....BUT like my momma should never discuss politics or religion so moving on....

Speaking of guilt, L asked me "what did you do with me when I was a baby?" to which I stared at her blankly thinking to myself "what the hell are you talking about???" She is seven, but I should be able to remember all the fun things I did with her, right....RIGHT??? Maybe I didn't do anything fun with her and now she has PTSD or something. No, I think we did fun stuff, like...color, go to the park, blow bubbles, write on the sidewalk with chalk...well at least that's what I told myself and her. What the hell...she doesn't remember anyways so I could tell her lots of fun stuff (but I wouldn't do that!!)

Okay internet, I'm going to see if Bushy Boy is done spewing his shit to the masses and maybe get to watch Lipstick Jungle. (Yeah Me!!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What The Hell....

So, I have been reading blogs by a few people and thought to myself...I should do that. Well, here I am!! A little about me...I am a mom to two kids, a boy 13 and a girl (diva) 7. I am in a long-term relationship (like 17 years kinda long) with a (insert word here) man that I often refer to as my hubby, cuz well at this point he kinda is, right? I work as a, well that depends on the day and project, but let's just say I work for a Shell Wholesaler (no, not as in seashells either!). I am back in school working on a paralegal degree. Somedays I am extremely overwhelmed with LIFE in general, so I think this will be a good outlet for me .

I have a wonderful BFF, named PD. (Of course that's not her real name, just her initials in case she wants to remain anonymous) She is like a sister to me (BTW I'm an only child). She loves me for all my faults, and craziness (lots of that!!)

I live close to my parents and my in-laws (with whom I have wonderful realtionships). I have been blessed in many ways, although I am not always quick to acknowledge it.

Well, enough about me....if I continue (that's my goal) to write this blog you will find out more. As for now, I should probably get back to the 50 projects that are sitting on my damn desk!