Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so annoyed with my DH right now!! What the fuck does he do all day when he's off?? Laundry doesn't wash itself, groceries don't magically appear and shoes cannot walk themselves back to the closet. Why can't he get that through his thick head? UGH!!!

I was informed that it's my job to keep the house clean and that I let it get out of control!!??!! Wah, waht????? Well, I've got news for you buddy...tomorrow I am going to do MY job and clean OUR house...yep and anything that is out of place (that belongs to you or the children) is going in the T R A S H...I'm not asking questions, I'm just putting shit in a trash bag and taking it to the curb!!

Not only am I blessed to have a mule for a hubby...(and not the good kind of mule either!), but I had to forgo my daughters field trip this morning because of work. So, I should probably start working on my acceptance speech for the "WORST Mother of the Year" award. I felt awful and she was crying...I tried to console her to no avail. Finally I told her to just "get a grip", there will be other field trips...YEP, definitely think I will be the leading nominee this year...

I'm a horrible mom...why on earth was I given the responsibility to care for two children?? Between work and school I feel like I have failed them...I have slacked on helping Lauren with homework, checking Wesley's homework, chaperoning field trips, hell sometimes I can't even manage to make dinner...OMG...Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown is on to Eleuthera...26 days (and the minute!!)

Went tanning on Monday, must have miscommunicated with girl behind the counter 'cause my bed was set for 15 minutes...keep in mind that was only the fourth visit...ummmm ass, thighs and belly were crispy fried! But, I went tanning again today and everything is all good, except for the fact that my ass checks itch like hell (dry skin from the burn!) Hey, at least my boobies didn't burn!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cute, random things....

Lauren & I were getting ready yesterday (our normal, hurry-up...OMG you are going to miss the bus morning!) and she says out of the blue

"it's not hard to be a pig you know? Al l you have to do is snort and root around in the garbage for food!" Uh...okay...thanks! Good info to have in case I ever want a career change??

As she was getting ready to make the mad dash out the door, I suggested that instead of wearing her jeans tucked into her boots, she just pull the jeans over the boots to which she replied , "Why? So, I don't look like a swashbuckling pirate?" of course was just a suggestion. (Note: Wesley & I do refer to them as her pirate boots...hmmmm...yeah okay)

I was in class last night and the following text "conversation" went on between Wesley & I...I burst out laughing in class and got the evil eye from the professor and a couple of WTF looks from my classmates....OOPS!!

ME: R u okay? Did u finish homework?
W: Yeah. I finished my late work. And im workin on these stupid essays
ME: LOL...u will do good...ur a good writer :-)
W: Well thank u. Ur so kind lol. Im bored though!
ME: Sorry...u could be in stupid philosophy class like me

The next text is what sent me into hysterics!! LMAO

W: U must understand the way of the human young grass

Ahhhh...I think he has my sense of humor! And a final tidbit to leave you with...

Lauren was doing another mad dash out the door this morning as I yelled to her "don't forget to give (DOOR CLOSES)....nevermind....(DOOR OPENS)..."I know MOM...give my teacher the you!"....Love (DOOR CLOSES)u too.....(DOOR OPENS)...."By the way MOM...u just need a light feels like spring (DOOR CLOSES)....(DOOR OPENS)...yeah, like spring time!"...."Thank (DOOR CLOSES).....

That was awfully sweet of her to let me know the weather...I'm sure the fact that she had on a hoodie and her down winter coat had nothing to do with her weather report...LOL!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've had my philosophy test for two weeks now; it's due tonight and I've answered oh... 3 of the 35 questions!! The test might as well be written in some foreign language...WTH...I have NO clue what is going on. Oy Vey...This is not like me. I need a good excuse to give the professor...quick someone think of one for me...LOL

I'm pretty sure that writing an English paper every week, for the past five weeks fried my brain! Oh and don't forget the 10 page research paper. Surely I suffered some kind of mental damage (overuse of the brain, too many hours staring at a blank word document...something happend seriously, I'm sure of it!)

I was going to take four classes this summer (2 the first 6 weeks and 2 the second 6 weeks), but I just don't think I can do it. I'm tired, I don't want to do homework or study. I want to go to the gym, watch my 50,000 DVR'd shows that I haven't seen, take L to the park or play Guitar Hero with W & L. UGHHH!!! I want my mommmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

(***SLAP***) Okay, I'm Done Whining!

So, I weighed in on Saturday...lost 2 more pounds (in your face Calamari & Pom Tini's!!) Total weight loss in last 5 weeks is 12 pounds :-) My DH thinks I'm only trying to lose weight to go to Eleuthera, but I'm not! I'm losing weight for me, cuz I'm really not happy with my weight. Of course these are my own self-confidence, food issue, stress related issues. What Ever!! I just want to be the skinny bitch I used to be, what's wrong with that??

Chatted on FB lastnight with my Colorado BF...hard to believe she's been gone 3 years now! I miss was nice having a buddy 10 houses down that I could go have a cup of tea with and chit chat or run with at 6 am...(neither of us wanted to wake the house or let each other down, so we were always out there waiting for each and she has and OCD/Type A thing going on too...friends like that are hard to me...I know!

She has a lot on her plate...her hubby is not doing well, yet I am amazed at how she manages to keep it all together. She is strong and courageous, but I know she's hurting on the inside. I wish there was more that I could do. I feel helpless telling her "I'm here if you need ANYTHING, and praying that he gets better. Why can't I have a private jet or something, then I could bring Starbucks to the hospital. Her daughter is blossoming into a beautiful young lady. Lord, let there be a light at the end of the dark tunnel. (please!) T - if you are reading this...know that I think about you, miss you and I am here for you day or night!!

I have very few friends...never was much of the social butterfly. But I have learned that the few friendships I have are real and true and genuine and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

Colorado Visit November 2006

Monday, March 16, 2009

Something New..............

The countdown is on for our next "momcation". P and I have booked flights, secured a house and even have some plans for when we get there. K struck out on the second attempt to secure time off. BOOO!! If I had the phone number to her boss, I would call and tell her she's a big meanie!! Anonymously of course!! LOL

Speaking of getting back to Eleuthera, we have started a blog about our travels. You can read all about our first trip...okay, well right now you can only read mine and P's entry about the plane ride to Eleuthera. But more is coming. Get on the ball Kara and write your damn entry!! LOL

OHHHHH!!! I'm a little late, but THANKS BECKY for reading my blog! I'm so excited that someone other than my BF reads me :-) Oh one day to be a famous blog-her...LOL

Well, I better get my arse in gear and do some work seeing how Monday is my short day and all. Eleuthera 2010 Anyone?????

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pics and my great deal...

The princess and I went to the consignment sale tonight. We scored 6 pairs of pants, 6 tops, 1 sweatsuit, 1 gymnastics leo, 3 dresses and 3 books for $46!!! Recession deal at it's best.

The princess in her new outfit

So, as promised, I am posting pics from gymnastics last night. Pardon, some of the fuzziness, I didn't realize until I came home that the camera actually has a "sports action" setting...DUH!!

The princess is head over heels about gymnastics!!!

I'm going, going back, back to....Eleuthera

I know the song title works better for the original song...but oh well! I just want the WHOLE world to know that I'm going to Eluthera, I'm going on vacation, I'm going with my bestest friend, I'm going and you're not...nanny nanny boo boo!!!

I think I bugged the hell out of Perri and obsessed so much over plane tickets that she booked us the other night so I would "shut the fuck up already"!! LOL We got a good deal and the best part is we arrive in Eleuthera at 12:45...YEAH BABY! So now I will spend the next 39 days obsessing over tanning and what to pack :-)

All is quiet on the homefront, kinda. W got himself into some trouble, but that's not made for cyberspace! Suffice it to say, that I think it has worked out for the best and he's learned a valuable life lesson.

Princess had gymnastics last night; she's doing good. I finally remembered to take the camera, so I will have to post the pics later.

Work sucks (not really), I'm trying to lose weight...have to weigh in tomorrow and I think I gained a pound or two since two weeks ago. OOPS!! I forgot indulging in Calamari, pomegranate martinis and chocolate make you gain not LOSE. Oh well, I'm still going to be in Eleuthera...fat or skinny!!

ENGLISH 111 was HELL, but I should have an "A", grades will be posted soon. My teacher told me I am a very talented writer...uh, was she reading MY papers?!! LOL