Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm going, going back, back to....Eleuthera

I know the song title works better for the original song...but oh well! I just want the WHOLE world to know that I'm going to Eluthera, I'm going on vacation, I'm going with my bestest friend, I'm going and you're not...nanny nanny boo boo!!!

I think I bugged the hell out of Perri and obsessed so much over plane tickets that she booked us the other night so I would "shut the fuck up already"!! LOL We got a good deal and the best part is we arrive in Eleuthera at 12:45...YEAH BABY! So now I will spend the next 39 days obsessing over tanning and what to pack :-)

All is quiet on the homefront, kinda. W got himself into some trouble, but that's not made for cyberspace! Suffice it to say, that I think it has worked out for the best and he's learned a valuable life lesson.

Princess had gymnastics last night; she's doing good. I finally remembered to take the camera, so I will have to post the pics later.

Work sucks (not really), I'm trying to lose weight...have to weigh in tomorrow and I think I gained a pound or two since two weeks ago. OOPS!! I forgot indulging in Calamari, pomegranate martinis and chocolate make you gain not LOSE. Oh well, I'm still going to be in Eleuthera...fat or skinny!!

ENGLISH 111 was HELL, but I should have an "A", grades will be posted soon. My teacher told me I am a very talented writer...uh, was she reading MY papers?!! LOL