Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cute, random things....

Lauren & I were getting ready yesterday (our normal, hurry-up...OMG you are going to miss the bus morning!) and she says out of the blue

"it's not hard to be a pig you know? Al l you have to do is snort and root around in the garbage for food!" Uh...okay...thanks! Good info to have in case I ever want a career change??

As she was getting ready to make the mad dash out the door, I suggested that instead of wearing her jeans tucked into her boots, she just pull the jeans over the boots to which she replied , "Why? So, I don't look like a swashbuckling pirate?" of course was just a suggestion. (Note: Wesley & I do refer to them as her pirate boots...hmmmm...yeah okay)

I was in class last night and the following text "conversation" went on between Wesley & I...I burst out laughing in class and got the evil eye from the professor and a couple of WTF looks from my classmates....OOPS!!

ME: R u okay? Did u finish homework?
W: Yeah. I finished my late work. And im workin on these stupid essays
ME: LOL...u will do good...ur a good writer :-)
W: Well thank u. Ur so kind lol. Im bored though!
ME: Sorry...u could be in stupid philosophy class like me

The next text is what sent me into hysterics!! LMAO

W: U must understand the way of the human young grass

Ahhhh...I think he has my sense of humor! And a final tidbit to leave you with...

Lauren was doing another mad dash out the door this morning as I yelled to her "don't forget to give (DOOR CLOSES)....nevermind....(DOOR OPENS)..."I know MOM...give my teacher the you!"....Love (DOOR CLOSES)u too.....(DOOR OPENS)...."By the way MOM...u just need a light feels like spring (DOOR CLOSES)....(DOOR OPENS)...yeah, like spring time!"...."Thank (DOOR CLOSES).....

That was awfully sweet of her to let me know the weather...I'm sure the fact that she had on a hoodie and her down winter coat had nothing to do with her weather report...LOL!