Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so annoyed with my DH right now!! What the fuck does he do all day when he's off?? Laundry doesn't wash itself, groceries don't magically appear and shoes cannot walk themselves back to the closet. Why can't he get that through his thick head? UGH!!!

I was informed that it's my job to keep the house clean and that I let it get out of control!!??!! Wah, waht????? Well, I've got news for you buddy...tomorrow I am going to do MY job and clean OUR house...yep and anything that is out of place (that belongs to you or the children) is going in the T R A S H...I'm not asking questions, I'm just putting shit in a trash bag and taking it to the curb!!

Not only am I blessed to have a mule for a hubby...(and not the good kind of mule either!), but I had to forgo my daughters field trip this morning because of work. So, I should probably start working on my acceptance speech for the "WORST Mother of the Year" award. I felt awful and she was crying...I tried to console her to no avail. Finally I told her to just "get a grip", there will be other field trips...YEP, definitely think I will be the leading nominee this year...

I'm a horrible mom...why on earth was I given the responsibility to care for two children?? Between work and school I feel like I have failed them...I have slacked on helping Lauren with homework, checking Wesley's homework, chaperoning field trips, hell sometimes I can't even manage to make dinner...OMG...Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown is on to Eleuthera...26 days (and the minute!!)

Went tanning on Monday, must have miscommunicated with girl behind the counter 'cause my bed was set for 15 minutes...keep in mind that was only the fourth visit...ummmm ass, thighs and belly were crispy fried! But, I went tanning again today and everything is all good, except for the fact that my ass checks itch like hell (dry skin from the burn!) Hey, at least my boobies didn't burn!