Monday, March 16, 2009

Something New..............

The countdown is on for our next "momcation". P and I have booked flights, secured a house and even have some plans for when we get there. K struck out on the second attempt to secure time off. BOOO!! If I had the phone number to her boss, I would call and tell her she's a big meanie!! Anonymously of course!! LOL

Speaking of getting back to Eleuthera, we have started a blog about our travels. You can read all about our first trip...okay, well right now you can only read mine and P's entry about the plane ride to Eleuthera. But more is coming. Get on the ball Kara and write your damn entry!! LOL

OHHHHH!!! I'm a little late, but THANKS BECKY for reading my blog! I'm so excited that someone other than my BF reads me :-) Oh one day to be a famous blog-her...LOL

Well, I better get my arse in gear and do some work seeing how Monday is my short day and all. Eleuthera 2010 Anyone?????