Monday, January 26, 2009

Life in General

I REALLY need to stay ontop of my blog. Not that anyone reads it; but just for my own sanity. I'm overwhelmed right now with school, work and home. For some reason I donned my "superwoman" outfit and enrolled in 10 credits this semester...WTF???!!! UGH, I think 12 is a FULL time student. Of course, I want to get done with my degree so I can move on to a four year degree and have EVEN MORE homework!!

I'm attempting ENGLISH 111 for the THIRD time...that's right folks...I withdrew once, failed once and am hoping that the third time is a charm. But for the fact that I don't really LIKE the teacher, it should be a great class (sarcasism anyone???) So, we had to make something out of paper mache (yes...THAT newspaper, flour/water glue paper mache), not really sure WTF this has to do with english??

Holy Inauguration...that just happend last week!! There were sooooo many people on the mall. Contemplated going, but it was too fricken cold and I don't think I had enough xanax to deal with all those people!

Momcation Part Dos is a M E S S!! Kara has a crappy job and can't get the time off, soooo Perri and I are left with the dilemma of going sans Kara. I feel bad, but I really need a VaCa and so does Perri. Our hubby's are giving us stink eye everytime we mention it (which is like...EVERYDAY) but they will get over it. I think we found a cute little cottage to rent. This is going to be a totally different trip...but I am sooo looking forward to it!!! Eleuthera here we come!


Becky said...

I read ya..and good luck on the courses..I just finished my bachelors degree up last summer so I know how it feels..ya need any help..hollar..