Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How many Xanax in a bottle...

Okay, so either I am stressing out too much over "unknown" things, I'm getting old or I need to start my HRT again!! Thursday I tossed and turned and sat-up and thought my flesh was going to catch on fire and melt off my body. Friday - rinse & repeat. Saturday - rinse & repeat...BUT this time...I had indegestion (I think)...not only was my flesh on fire, but I felt like someone had shoved a potato down my throat and poured hot sauce on it.

So, then Sunday I had the great idea of taking a Xanax before I went to bed. But since I don't have a bed time and I am clearly not disciplined enough to go to sleep when I feel tired...what should I do? Well, I decided around 11:30 to take my Xanax and by 12:30 I was sound asleep...until 3:00 when I woke up with the flesh on fire, potato covered in hot sauce feeling again!! UGH!!

At that point I look over at my DH who is sleeping so peaceful, so peaceful in fact that I wanted to smother him with the fucking pillow!! Or beat him with it until the feathers flew out and stuck in my hair! How can anyone go to sleep that easily and peacefully!! Bastard!

So, after watching TV, surfing the net, reading my book, yelling at the wee one to get her arse in bed cuz "I hear that DS game you are playing", watching more TV, taking a Xanax, watching more TV, taking another Xanax...I


feel asleep, and wouldn't u know it...my ass was late for work this morning!!