Friday, October 10, 2008

Enough Already!!

OMG!! While I luv, luv, luv this time of year..."premier weeks", can I just say "ENOUGH" already!! As if I don't cry enough these days; like every time I log on to my online banking and try to skip the Brokerage Page (yikes!!) most favoritest shows are soooooo depresssing...

Lipstick Jungle - great show, but why did Nico's husband have to die RIGHT AFTER she confessed to having an affair. And then Wendy gets fired for trying to help out her friend...okay she forged a doctors signature, but so what!!?? Hasn't everyone done that...LOL!! UGH!!!

ER - not only is it the last season of ER....EVER!!! (pass the tissues please), but why oh why did they have to kill Pratt?? And then have Morris give Bettina the engagement ring that was in his pocket...C'mom why couldn't they just let him finish his last season as Chief of the ER? Now, Abby is leaving too? I thought I cried when Dr. Greene and Dr. Carter left the show! OMG!!!

CSI - okay, Gary Dourdain...not so great in person, but as Warrick Brown - he rocks!! Why did they let him DIE in Grissom's arms? Grissom who Warrick would have picked to be his daddy. And I swear Warrick & Catherine had a little sumthin' sumthin' going on OR were about to!

The only shows that haven't made me bawl my eyes out are the "reality" shows!! Survivor and Amazing Race, which by the way are both exceptionally good this season.

Hopefully I can actually laugh on Monday when the new season of Samantha Who premiers. Christina Applegate is hyserically funny in that show!!

Look at that...I did a whole entry without using the "f" word one time...YEAH ME!!