Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Hold....

OMG...I called DC Government to ask what I thought was a simple question "have our licenses been renewed yet?" and this is what transpired:

Me: Hi I'm calling from xyz Company to find out if our W&M renewal license has been sent out?

DC: Oh, this is the inspection department, you will have to call the processing department, that number is 202-blah blah blah. I can transfer you if you like?

Me: Thanks! (This is where things start to go downhill)

DC: There are 2 calls ahead of you do you want to hold? (As if I actually have a choice)

Me: Ok - before I get out the words "ok", I am already on hold (thanks for asking...NOT)

DC: This is Ms. So & So, what is the purpose of your call?

Me: Hi I'm calling from xyz Company to find out if our W&M renewal license has been sent out?

DC: What kind of license?

Me: W&M

DC: Ohhhh, what is your application number?

Me: 11111111

DC: What was that again?

Me: 11111111

DC: What are you calling about again?

Me: Our license

DC: What about it?

Me: Was it sent out?

DC: I can't answer that, let me transfer you to Mrs. So&So

Me: OK!

Mrs. So & So: What is the purpose of your call?

Me: (at this point I am really trying to be polite) I repeat my "purpose" for the THIRD time.

Mrs: What is the address?

Me: 1244 Main Street

Mrs: Your license is expired

Me: Right, I'm calling to find out if our "new" one was sent out

Mrs: We haven't sent out a new license

Me: Do you know when it will be sent?

Mrs: I don't know...we are still processing them everyday.

Me: Did you receive our application?

Mrs: I don't know, you didn't ask me that, you'll have to hold.

Me: Well, since it's been almost a month and you're still processing applications, I would like to know if you even HAVE our application. Is that possible?

Mrs: (snippy) Hold on, I will have to go look it up.....Yes we have your application.

Me: The license will be sent to our _______ address, right? Because last year they were sent to the wrong address.

Mrs: They should be sent to that address, but I can't guarantee it

Me: (very confused at this point) Well, if that's the address that is listed on the application, shouldn't it go there?

Mrs: Like I said, it should, but I can't guarantee it.

Me: Oh do you know when the application will be processed

Mrs: No, I do not, but we are processing applications everyday

Me: Oh ok, uh Thanks


Now, my first mistake was calling DC Government at 3:30 since no-one really wants to get too involved in anything before they are getting ready to leave. My second mistake was, I don't know....calling DC Govt in the first place??

If you ever have to deal with DC Govt, all I can offer you is "Good Luck"


Becky said...

hence the reason I try not to call anything to do in the government--and that's kinda hard since my husband is in the Air Force.

Maniacal Mom said...

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?