Monday, October 6, 2008

Mayday...Mayday...Losing Control

You know how sometimes you feel like you have NO CONTROL over a situation? Well right now, I feel like I have NO CONTROL of my LIFE! I like to think I am a good mom, a good significant other, a good friend and an asset to my employer but lately I just don't know.

For instance...I came home (in a good mood) to a stove that had grease I could write my name in, a postal box in the middle of the living room (Thanks Ebay, not for me though!), a microwave that has fingerprints all over it and bacon grease inside. WHY?? No this mess was not created by my 13 yr old nor by my 7 yr old - not even by my DH...NO, it was created by the "lodger" that seems to cause more frustration for me than anyone else in our abode! Note: Box in living room was left there by my DH.

I tried to rationally explain to my hubby that I can't, won't, don't want to tolerate this kind of behaviour from someone that is staying (almost rent free) in our home - (Okay - maybe I said "my" house a few times - OOPS! Note To Self: remember it is our house). C'mon ANY rational person would not put up with this! Then when I suggest an ACCEPTABLE rent amount be requested from said "lodger" I am looked at as if I have horns, one eye and purple hair?? WTF??? I don't get the "male buddy system" stronger that that of a relationship?

I mean I am all for helping people in their time of need (comma) BUT after 9 months (7 of which were spent in a dead-end job because said "lodger" is too good to work as a cashier or any other job that he doesn't like...(grow up now, please) it's time to own up to your responsibilities, be a man, pay rent and clean my goddamn cooking range after you use it!!! Is that too fucking much to ask??

Stay tuned...tomorrow I might give you some juicy details about my sucky job!!